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Matt Temesy, Owner and Coach of CFC. Former CrossFit regional competitor and strongman athlete.

Coach Matt

The want to succeed means nothing without the commitment to do what it takes to succeed. ~Unknown

Growing up I was active in many competitive sports; baseball, football and wrestling.  In my free time I played hockey, tennis, basketball, lacrosse and worked out regularly.  I wrestled in the National Collegiate Wrestling Association at Miami of Ohio and became an All-American my freshman year (2nd at 165 lbs, 2000), but gave up my love for wrestling to focus on getting my Bachelor of Science from The Ohio State University (Go Buckeyes!!).  My passion has always been training, and I began CrossFitting in 2008 and fell in love with the sport.  I competed in the CrossFit Open in 2011 and 2012 and qualified for the Mid-Atlantic Regionals where I finished 13th and 5th, respectively.  I currently train for the enjoyment.

I’m married to my beautiful wife, Lura, who is also an avid CrossFitter. We have two beautiful daughters, Kelsy, born July 4th (a firecracker for sure!), and Brynlee, born December 31st (New Year’s Eve baby!).

Philosophy on training-

Training is a way of life. The physical benefits of training alone are enough to continue to stay active and work hard. However, beyond just the physical components of training, I feel that there is a lot to gain mentally. Training forges an iron will. You learn the value of hard work, discipline and accountability, and along the way the challenges you face in the gym make you more courageous, confident and ready to tackle any of life’s other challenges. Train hard and live life to the fullest.

  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
  • Corrective Exercise Specialist, Premier
  • American Kettlebell Coach, AKC
  • Backpacking and mountain climbing enthusiast

Contact Information:


Cell Phone 614-327-8410

Jeanette Hutchison, CrossFit Level 1 

I fell in love with Crossfit in May 2014, the first day I walked into CFC. It was love at first WOD (which, by the way, was Death by Burpees!). One of my favorite things about the sport of Crossfit is that whether you are a novice athlete, an elite athlete, or anywhere in between….it never, EVER gets easy or boring. Every single one of us is a work in progress, and there is nothing more rewarding than seeing the progress in the work we have put in! I became a Crossfit Level 1 trainer in July 2016 not only to gain a deeper knowledge and understanding of the sport, but because I LOVE watching our athletes grow and become stronger, faster, and achieve skills and meet goals they never thought were in their realm of possibility. I believe that pushing ourselves to achieve our full physical potential carries over into every other aspect of our lives. It makes us more prepared for and confident in everything we do.

I am so blessed to be married to my awesome husband Tom. We live in Clayton with our two sons, Ian and Ryan, and our daughter Caelin. CFC has become a huge part of our household, especially since my whole family has joined! When we aren’t at the box, you can most likely find us at the hockey rink (all THREE of my kids play), or at home cuddling with our 2 spoiled dogs, Millsey and Robi.

Matt Andreasen, CrossFit Level 1.

I started crossfit in 2013 after a few years of the “typical gym” scene. After playing sports all through high school, I was missing the competitive atmosphere they brought. I went to my first crossfit on-ramp class and loved it immediately, we did “Fran” with an empty bar, and banded pull ups. I was on the floor after sucking wind, thinking how in the world do people do this. I train and coach in the same mindset. I want to make myself and everyone else around me a better person every time they leave the gym. Training should always leaving you feeling accomplished because even a “bad day” in the gym, was a good day for your health. It’s the best hour of your day, come in leave your ego at the door, let your stress go, and crush it.

Jared Butler, CrossFit Level 1.   Former 3x CrossFit Regional athlete


I found CrossFit late into my college career and have been enthralled with the sport ever since. CrossFit plays a huge part in my life. I find the competitive atmosphere, teamwork, and hard training to be challenging and inspiring. However, the real reason I cling to CrossFit is because it is FUN!

As a coach and competitor I enjoy seeing people push past their perceived potential towards their true potential; not only becoming strong athletes, but stronger people, both mentally and physically. CrossFit is not merely a means to healthy living, looking good or becoming a fitness freak… it is an avenue for people to develop virtues and skills for the real world, no matter what their day to day environment may be. This is the philosophy of CrossFit Clayton that sets it apart and creates the unique community that I love to coach and participate in.

  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
  • CrossFit Games Mid-Atlantic Regional Qualifier-2011
  • 34th place CrossFit Games Mid-Atlantic Open-2012
  • 8th place CrossFit Games Mid-Atlantic Regional-2012
  • 12th place Carolina Fitness Challenge-2013
  • 37th place CrossFit Games Mid-Atlantic Open-2013
  • 1st place Battle of the Boro (Teammate—Tyler Riva)-2013
  • 27th place CrossFit Game Mid-Atlantic Regional-2013
  • 3rd place Carolina Capital City Clash-2013
  • 6th place Team SuperFit Raleigh (Teammate—Tyler Riva)-2013

Chela Quispe, CrossFit Level 1.
Just stick with it…what seems so hard now will one day be your warm up. – anonymous
As a fire fighter it is my duty to be prepared for the unexpected at a moment’s notice. CFC’s attitude and training philosophy was the push I needed to step out of my comfort zone and take my fitness to another level.  CrossFit provides the platform that prepares you for the unexpected. I love that I get to be myself and work with awesome people that share the same interests. We are all different yet when we come together at CFC we are one in the same.  I love coaching at CFC because I like seeing others achieve what they initially thought they couldn’t.  Fair warning: I’m going to push you – to be your best and give your max effort everyday!  My CrossFit favorites are the Olympic Lifts so, if you have an interest in taking your lifts to another level contact me!  I started and stuck with a bare bar for a long time, strength will come with confidence!  I have competed in several CrossFit competitions as an individual and a team member, I competed in my first strongman competition placing second and qualifying for nationals, and I have run several 5K races.  I taught Group Aerobics for a few years until I fell in LOVE with CFC, the place where magic happens and bonds are made!!
  • CrossFit Level 1 trainer
  • Group exercise certified (TK, HHH, PiYo)

Josh Moore. CrossFit Level 1. Kids Fitness Coach.
I started doing crossfit in February ’13. I joined shortly after getting out of ROTC at NC State. I was looking for a way to increase my fitness level and found crossfit Clayton. Crossfit Clayton is my home, the people and the atmosphere are my favorite things about CFC followed by the challenges I face and overcome on a daily basis. My favorite workout is “Angie” and my favorite movements are: muscle ups, pull-ups and clean and jerk. Best way to communicate with me is come up and talk to me or contact me on Facebook

Josh Moore
CrossFit Level 1 Certified Trainer
Kids Fitness Instructor