Joining CrossFit Clayton is a life changing experience. See for yourself:




I have been training at CFC for 1 year now. I have lost a little over eighty pounds. CFC is not like a traditional gym, you have a support group that helps you with every workout and people that are constantly pushing you to become your best. Unlike every other gym where you run on a machine for thirty minutes you actually use your body in Crossfit and you use it in ways you never thought you could. For anyone interested once you start you can’t stop. Crossfit has helped me become the person I have always wanted, and has changed my life completely. When I started Crossfit I was a size 18 and i am now working on a size 10. I have always been an overweight child and as a teenager I have finally been able to achieve my goals. Crossfit is for anyone and is more then a gym.~Christie


These are hard for me to share but, if they motivate others…

I lost 22%body fat and 19 pounds in 8 weeks during our zone/paleo challenge, while attending CFC 5 days every week. (with exception of 1 week while on vaca). I’m halfway to my goal and still have long way to go but with CFC’s help I know ill be there in no time! Oh, and my husband lost 13%body fat and 10 pounds during the 8 week challenge and has PR’d a ton of lifts by 30% or more. His lower back pain he had went away completely. ~Megan

 Before Crossfit June 2011 (below):


9 months later…August 2012 after 31 Heros (below):

I help patients in the Long Island area get started on our MS products. I have been training at CFC for a year and a half. I have lost over 30 pounds with a combination of CrossFit, zone dieting, and paleo. I have also gained significant strength. When I first started, the 20 lb bar was difficult and I was “on ramp” for what feels like forever. My personal record now is 90lb clean and jerk.

I love CrossFit Clayton because the workouts are always different and works the entire body. The best part about CrossFit Clayton is the people. They keep me motivated and wanting to come to class and give my best.

Another great part about Crossfit is that everything is scalable. I am now 4 1/2 months pregnant and I am still doing CrossFit. I have been able to do most of the movements with some variation and lighter weights than I would have before.
My husband Mike started Crossfit 3 months before I did, and I thought he was crazy. I came to watch 31 Heros and I was hooked. I started the next week and have been going ever since. I love that this is something my husband and I do together, even if we don’t always go to the same classes. ~Beth

Athletes are feeling the benefits of CFC’s coaching:

I am addicted to CFC!  I love it!  I have never considered myself to be an athlete, but I am much stronger now because of Matt (CFC Owner and Coach) and so many others that push and encourage me each time I am at the box.  I am so very thankful that I took the time to talk to a friend of mine last year and get started on this new chapter.  Being a busy mom, I kind of put myself on the back burner for a long time.  Now I am doing this for myself and people around have noticed my hard work.  I weigh less now than I did back in 2006!  I appreciate the sacrifice of Matt’s time and talents to help us be the best that we can be.  I am working on new goals for myself and look forward to pushing myself even more in the weeks and months to come!!

Matt is a person that cares about who shows up, and who is meeting their goals!! Thank you again for all of your efforts.  Matt and other CFC Fire-breathers and so many others are the main reason why I show up to CFC.  We have a great support team and I feel blessed to be a part of such an awesome group!! ~Wendy


I started training in April 2012, after an injury (non CrossFit related) that sidelined me physically and mentally, I was able to get back rolling in September 2012.  I have lost 20 lbs after some great guidance from Matt and friends at CFC (and still have some more to go). CFC has made me work harder than anything or anyone I have ever worked with in the past!  I am physically and mentally stronger, and it amazes me what I am able to lift, throw, pull and push from training at CFC.  I have learned that I am capable of doing anything that is thrown my way, both at CFC and in life  I have been to a handful of different CrossFit locations and I know that CFC is the best, I have made friends with people who I know care about me, and push me to work harder, smarter and stronger.  Sometimes when working out, if I am struggling, I hear those people telling me, “to pick up the bar”,” don’t tell me one more second”, “get to it”.  If someone was interested in joining or trying CrossFit, I would tell them, don’t give up, it is hard the first few months, learning the movements, and knowing that there are people there who are stronger than you, but these are the people to look up to, because one day there will be someone looking up to you. ~Cheryl


I began my CrossFit journey not too long ago…with a Groupon no less.  I remember showing up for my first Foundations class not really knowing what to expect…let’s face it, I was terrified!  I thought everyone was going to look and me and laugh, or whisper to each other that I clearly was in the wrong place-certainly NOT the case.  The true test was my first actual class; I was once again terror-stricken that I would make a fool of myself.  While I’m sure I did stick out like a sore thumb, the entire team at CFC has been awesome and very welcoming.  I love the camaraderie that exists…everyone cheers you on; no one has ever made me feel like I shouldn’t be there or that I didn’t belong.  When you hit a PR the entire team celebrates with you, and if you fall just a bit short they’re there to pick you up and encourage you.  Coach Matt has been nothing short of wonderful throughout my time in the “box”.  He is always encouraging, supportive, and makes me dig deep within myself to power through a WOD.  For Coach Matt it’s not just about how fast you can do a WOD or how much you can lift; he wants you to have perfect form and be the best YOU can be.  Don’t get me wrong, he will absolutely no rep you…just making us better!

I wasn’t sure I had it in me to do this, but I’m so glad I gave it a shot because I absolutely LOVE it!  Some days I still walk in, look at the WOD, and think…are you serious?  You want me to do what?!?!  It’s an awesome feeling when I walk (hobble) out knowing that I gave it all I had, and I did it…I conquered the WOD (sometimes it still conquers me, but hey, better than yesterday).  I always have a sense of accomplishment after class, and I carry that with me throughout my day.   

A huge thank you to Coach Matt for having such a dynamic operation, and for being an inspiring leader!  Thank you to everyone at CrossFit Clayton;  I definitely feel like I am a part of something incredible!!!!!! 

3…2…1…GO! ~Jen

Renee Before and After

Matt has been on me for over a year to write my success story. I resisted because I don’t feel like a “success story.”   With that said, this week I saw the following quote and it made me change my mind. ‘The reason people give up so quickly is because they tend to look at how far they have to go, instead of how far they have come.”
Here’s my background.  I was the fat asthmatic kid growing up, and I never participated in any sport or activity.  When my second child turned 2 I decided to lose the weight I had gained from pregnancies, laziness and poor eating habits.  I began to run slowly…little by little until I could run a 5k.  As the kids got older I kept up with my running, but never going over 5 miles in distance.  Soon, running alone wasn’t enough for me so I began to take aerobics, spin and kickboxing classes and ‘lifted’ weights a few days a week. I lost 50lbs (took me 5 years) and felt like I was in decent shape.
I started at CF in March 2011.  I was intimidated by my first WOD but by the end of it, I was hooked.  Due to an old shoulder injury I could barely clean the 45lb bar and had trouble squatting (correctly) below parallel.  My second WOD was 100 burpees for time! Yikes!  I was the last person in class to finish and everyone was cheering me on and kept me from quitting.  That is what CF is all about…and particularly CFC. The love, encouragement, and support I receive from my CFC family are immeasurable.
From the beginning Matt has been preaching the benefits of healthier eating via something called Paleo.  I was skeptical, yet still participated in the Paleo challenge at the box. I started cooking more, looking at Paleo recipe blogs and trying new foods (who knew brussel sprouts would be my fav food?). It was a hard transition since I always had the mindset that if I work out, then I can reward myself and eat whatever I want.  Wrong! It’s all about fueling your body correctly so it performs better. I still indulge in ‘cheats’ but try to keep them to once or twice a week.
My accomplishments:
Unassisted pull ups! Took me 9 long months, but I can now do 20 unbroken.
I can deadlift more than 1.5 times my bodyweight
I can power clean and jerk my bodyweight
I can do ring dips and bar dips (huge accomplishment due to shoulder issues)
I can do handstand push ups!!!
My Fran time is 6:04
I’ve dropped 30lbs and 3 pant sizes.
Sub 6:00 Fran, sub 3:00 Grace, sub 7:00 Karen
Muscle ups
Handstand walks
Back Squat 1.5 times my bodyweight, Front Squat 200lbs
Too many to name!!!


Its not just for weight-loss reasons either:


I’m a sales manager for a medical device company. I have an office with 4 wheels.

I was a fitness instructor in the military and have always led an active lifestyle…but its tough to stay motivated at times on your own making up workout routines and keeping things from getting stale. The last 7 years in sales sees me on my butt A LOT during the day – dirving/riding around in a car for 8plus hours then going out to dinner with customers and eating horrible things (even though they are very tasty). Danielle and I had been searching for that thing, that routine that keeps it interesting and motivating to do. We found crossfit through some friends Facebook posts about their gains. We are extremely competitive people that are willing to put in the hard work. Crossfit Clayton was the perfect fit for us. We get the tough physical workouts that push the limits, the variety that keeps it interesting, and  the daily dose competition to drive us. The best part of all, though, is the people…we are surrounded by great people. Matt has done a great job creating an environment for like minded passionate people to work hard together, push each other and make great physical gains!

Crossfit is not a workout. It’s a way of life. ~Adam


I have been training for 2 months with Crossfit Clayton. My physical strength has greatly improved in these last 2 months..so has my cardio…I was seeing results within the first month. The closeness of the everyone at the gym makes CFC the best! The people are great and I can never wait for the next time I go back. I’d tell an interested member that cross fit is the best decision I have ever made in regards to my physical health. ~Josh

More than a Gym:

CFC is unlike any other gym you can imagine- The workouts are intense, the trainers are amazing and the sport of CrossFit is demonstrated at the highest level of skill. Anyone looking for a gym that is not intimidating, for an atmosphere that is both fun and encouraging and for a workout that is always challenging, never boring, then CFC is the BOX you need to be at. I have been coming to CFC for just over 6 months and it has changed all aspects of my life – I never expected to become so excited over working out, but CFC is not your typical gym. I am not the biggest in the gym nor am I the strongest, but that’s what is so awesome about CFC-…I don’t have to be. I am competing against myself and I leave the BOX after each WOD feeling accomplished, stronger and motivated. The coaches at CFC are not only knowledgeable but passionate athletes that are dedicated to each person’s success, they know you by name, and they push us every day to be our personal best. Love, love, love CFC ! ~Cherie


My name is Jawanza Edwards and I am a full time student. I started doing crossfit at Crossfit Clayton about 5 months ago and I have been hooked every since.  I have worked out on my own for awhile before crossfit.  It was the more traditional routine were you work out different body parts on different days and maybe do some cardio on the treadmill afterwards. But crossfit has totally redefined my definition of fitness.  Its fun, exciting, challenging and humbling.  The people are great, they really encourage and motivate you to be and do your best.  The coaching staff is top notch.  They are very knowledgeable about fitness and nutrition and are genuinely concerned about your fitness goals.  To anyone interested in giving Crossfit Clayton a shot, I say go for it. It’s a life changing experience. ~Jawanza

It’s about reaching your goals:

I started CFC in February 2013 completely terrified.  I am now completely addicted.  I have lost 20lbs and gained a whole new confidence in myself.  I keep surprising myself each week with new PRs and accomplishments, I never thought were possible a few months ago. I owe so much to Matt and all the coaches at CFC they do so much to support us and help us reach our goals. ~Krystal


I’m a Small Animal Veterinarian. I started CrossFit about three years ago when I was living in Massachusetts. I decided to give CrossFit a try because I was bored of the redundant gym routine, hated running, and needed a new focus in my life.  This new sport was a total different ballgame than what I was used to.  CrossFit is unique in the sense that it is an individual team sport.  No matter if you are the first person or the last person to finish the WOD (workout of the day); you cheer your competitors/classmates on until the end.  I have been a member of three different CrossFit gyms and visited many all over the U.S.  CrossFit Clayton is now my CrossFit home and the members are considered CrossFit Family.  I will say it is one of the most team/family oriented boxes around.  You never leave a class until everyone has finished the WOD and you break it down as a group or Coach Matt will rip you a new one!  This box has the most camaraderie out of the many I have visited; this in turn makes it such a positive environment no matter how brutal the WOD may be.  I have made some of my best friends in the world through CrossFit.  Many call it a cult; in a way, there is truth to that statement but in a promising and encouraging way.  At CrossFit Clayton, we sweat, bleed, whine, and support CrossFit Family inside and outside the box – people that don’t have the CrossFit bug are just abnormal.

My personal achievements in CrossFit are probably quite different than the average person because I have always been below average in size and frame.  I am far from being the strongest or fastest person there but I am very happy with what I have achieved personally since I started CrossFitting.  I don’t like to compare myself to others; rather I am competitive with myself and compare my lifts to my own bodyweight.   When I started CrossFit, I couldn’t Deadlift much more than my bodyweight, or come close to Bench Pressing my bodyweight.  Now I can Deadlift over double my bodyweight.  I can Bench Press 25% more than my bodyweight, Backsquat almost double my bodyweight, and Clean and Jerk 20% more than my bodyweight.  I could barely do 2 Pull-ups when I started, and now I can do about 25 unbroken Pull-ups and do Muscle-Ups.  I am very satisfied with my personal accomplishments.  With that being said, it is even more satisfying watching the new members jump on board with the CrossFit bug and achieve new PRs and conquer movements that they never imagined doing in their lifetime. CrossFit is not for a certain type – it is for everyone and anyone of any ability.  We all started at the bottom and we all have different strengths and weaknesses, there is always another milestone to overcome, but most importantly, CrossFit is a life changing experience. ~ Kat

It’s about getting stronger and healthier:

I am a 44 year old man who has suffered with back pain for many years of my adult life; in fact, I had surgery for it.   I still had pain even though I had less than pre-surgery. After hearing good things about Matt, I thought I would try Crossfit Clayton. Matt’s coaching was amazing, he made sure my form was correct to avoid injuries.  The result was astounding. My back pain was gone! Crossfit Clayton is an amazing place to get strong and healthy.  I will always be grateful for the motivation and the professionalism shown there; it has shown me that I am able to achieve much more than I ever thought possible.

Thank you Crossfit Clayton! ~ Charlie


For the past 10 months I have been a part of the family at Crossfit Clayton. As a Physical Education teacher I have always tried my best to live a healthy, active lifestyle. Before starting crossfit I would go to the local gym and I also trained for sprint triathlons. Although I had played sports in high school, college and regularly excercised I was nervous about starting such a strenuous program like crossfit. Would I be strong enough? Would people laugh at me when I couldn’t go any longer? Is crossfit a bunch of muscle bound meatheads? Despite my reservations I decided to contact Matt and throw caution to the wind… and it changed my life. Since being at Crossfit Clayton Matt, and the rest of the coaches, have taught me that I can push myself beyond what I ever believed possible. My first day of deadlifts in the gym my max was 345, and in just 8 months my max was 460! That is just one example of the strength gained in a short period working at Crossfit. The most interesting thing about Crossfit is that physical fitness is what brought me in but the community is what keeps you! If you are looking for a group of people that will greet you at the door, support you through workouts when you want to quit, and be a part of something greater than yourself, this is the place for you! Stop telling yourself, “I can’t”, because at Crossfit Clayton we say “I can’t… YET”. That is because at CFC we have a great coach and a community that will support you to achieve all of your fitness and nutritional goals. So, what are you waiting for? ~Delane



Latest addition to the testimonials is our friend and coach, Tyler Riva (below). Through dedication to hard work and the right nutrition… he is now a fierce competitor.

Tyler before after